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Health Screenings

Looking for a way to keep your company’s health care cost in-line? 

MRSI will assist you in taking the first step towards implementing not only a successful wellness program, but one that is meaningful to your employees.  Our healthcare professionals utilize the most reliable testing equipment backed by  the latest technology that allows them to work quickly and efficiently to collect, analyze and review real-time biometric data. Each participant will then have the opportunity to review their biometric values one-on-one with our healthcare professional who will then demonstrate through our visual health tweaker tool how positive behavioral changes will benefit their health.

MRSI’s program is designed to measure values in four major categories:

  • Blood Pressure 
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Diabetes Risk

Not since elementary school has understanding your current health status and tracking your progress been easier. That’s because  MyBioCheck® uses letter grades and grade point averages for participants to view and understand their outcomes so they don’t have to interpret complex lab reports. MyBioCheck® will also generate and deliver an aggregate report card, clearly identifying the health strengths and deficiencies of an entire group or Company.

In addition, MyBioCheck® can have a Physician’s Report faxed to a participant’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) if a participant meets a set risk criteria. This will allow the PCP to take action if there are any immediate concerns.

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